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Internship at Forsta – 2021/2022

Hi, my name is Sondre Magnus Siljan, and I’m currently studying the final year of my bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Agder, Grimstad. In my 5th semester, I choose the course “IKT-200 – Praksis I arbeidslivet” as one of my optional subjects that fall. Through a good friend of mine, I was introduced to Forsta, and we discussed the possibility of me doing my internship with them. I got in touch with (one of) the manager(s) at the Grimstad office, who immediately showed interest and set up a meeting for us to discuss the internship. After Forsta and I, together with the university, approved and signed the contract, I was immediately treated as one of their ordinary employees. Forsta gave me everything that I needed, from a new laptop and my own workspace at the office to a mentor I could ask for help and who was happy to give me advice on how to go forward with any problem. As an intern at Forsta, I was assigned my own tasks, attending biweekly follow-up meetings with my mentor and daily standup meetings. I always felt included in the team and was invited to participate in social events in Oslo and Grimstad as a fully-fledged employee. When deciding to take IKT-200, my main objective was to learn new things from people I considered more knowledgeable than myself. At Forsta, I found myself surrounded by highly knowledgeable people, which allowed me to expand my knowledge and interest in software and extend my network. Today, I’m happy to call these guys my friends! If you are considering on taking the course IKT-200, ask us about our view on the internship – we are happy to talk with you.

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